NuMu: Artists Respond to their Environment

This week’s returning author, Charlotte Meyer, is an artist and writer focused on the preservation of artists ideas, currently focused an Oral History project on Nuevo Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, NuMu. She is Lead Artist Guide and Educator at Judd Foundation, has been a Visiting Scholar at Dedalus Foundation, and a Visiting Critic at R.I.S.D…. Read more »

A grainy black and white film still showing a woman's face, painted with symbols, in front of a series of interlocking lines

An Evening with Barbara London: Video/Art the First Fifty Years, at MoMA

This week’s contributing author, Ehm West, is an artist, writer, and researcher based in New York with a focus in Black queer counter-narratives and the relationship between sound and moving image. They are the co-curator of Ellipsis, a roaming screening series based in New York and Spain. West has assisted in producing Barbara London’s upcoming… Read more »

Yayoi Kusama, Love is Calling

Kusama is Calling: A Reflection on Art in the Age of Social Media

This week’s contributing author, Alexa Portigal, is an undergraduate student at Northeastern University in Boston Massachusetts pursuing a BA combined major in Cultural Anthropology & Art History with a Minor in Global Fashion Studies. VoCA is pleased to present this blog post in conjunction with Associate Professor of Contemporary Art History, Gloria Sutton’s Fall 2019… Read more »

Farah Al Qasimi

Uncamouflaged, Unconcealed

This week’s contributing writer, Becca Montante, is a third-year undergraduate student at Northeastern University, pursuing a BLA in Landscape Architecture. She loves making and looking at art. VoCA is pleased to present this blog post in conjunction with Associate Professor of Contemporary Art History, Gloria Sutton’s Fall 2019 upper-level seminar, Contemporary Art and its Publics…. Read more »

CALL/VoCA Talk: A Panel Discussion with Legacy Specialists, 2019

This week’s contributing author, Allison Spangler, is a Master of Arts student in the Museum Studies Program at New York University. Her current research involves museum programs that center around the inclusion of the living artist’s voice as an integral component to collection stewardship, documentation, and archiving. The discussion that unfolded on December 6, 2019… Read more »

Porto Master Class

This week’s returning author, Barcelona-based Will Shank, was trained at the Institute of Fine Arts of NYU and at the Harvard University Art Museums. He was head of conservation at SFMOMA (the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art) for a decade, and has since 2000 worked independently in collections care, with a specialization in the… Read more »

Mira Friedlaender stands in a black tuxedo, to the right of a myriad of unopened brown packages.

Archival Resources: Self-Made, Discovered, Inherited

This week’s contributing author, Cali Buckley, works at CAA. She has a PhD in art history from Penn State University and spent her Fulbright Fellowship in Nuremberg, Germany. She continues to study northern Renaissance art and the history of science.   In the panel discussion Archival Resources: Self-Made, Discovered, Inherited, held at the Brooklyn Rail… Read more »

Shervone Neckles-Ortiz and Lauren Shadford

Preserving the Artist’s Voice: Looking Back on Five Years of CALL/VoCA Talks

Earlier this fall, we announced the 2019 line-up of CALL/VoCA Talks, a series of free, public artist talks exploring topics relating to artistic legacy and the long-term preservation of creative work. This year marks the fifth year of this series, an outgrowth of the Joan Mitchell Foundation’s Creating a Living Legacy (CALL) initiative, presented in… Read more »

A room filled with bookshelves and bookcases leading to a second room displaying a chalkboard displaying “Bienvenido! Gracias Pheonix! Libreria Donceles”.


This week’s returning author, Marshall Reese, is an artist working in new technologies, video, installations, artists books and limited editions. He has worked in collaboration with Nora Ligorano as LigoranoReese for over two decades. This blog post is part of periodic series from contributor Marshall Reese that focuses on “outsider archivists,” people who highlight the tensions… Read more »

A photo of 5 people sitting on a stage in an auditorium at SFMOMA

SFMOMA’s Artist Initiative Symposium on the Reprinting of Color Photography as a Preservation Strategy

This week’s contributing author, Michelle N. Jones, graduated with a Masters of Art in Museum Studies from San Francisco State University majoring in curatorship and higher education. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Studio Practice and Art History with a passionate emphasis in photography, post-war and contemporary art, and contemporary Islamic art.  She has… Read more »

A photograph of the outside of a building

Longevity of Public Artworks: An Interview with Curator Yuri Stone

This week’s contributing author, Bianca Rabbie, is a fourth year undergraduate student at Northeastern University in Boston Massachusetts pursuing a BS in Architecture.  VoCA is pleased to present this blog post in conjunction with Associate Professor of Contemporary Art History, Gloria Sutton’s Spring 2019 Honors seminar, The Art of Visual Intelligence at Northeastern University. This interdisciplinary course… Read more »

Daddy I Would Love to Dance, 2008, Acrylic on canvas, 78 x 78 in. Courtesy of the artist. VoCA. About Face.

About Face

This week’s contributing writer, Jonathan D. Katz, is an activist academic who was the first American be tenured in what was then called Lesbian and Gay Studies and chaired the first such department in the US, and subsequently the first in the Ivy League. A pioneering scholar working at the intersection of art and sexuality,… Read more »