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Voices in Contemporary Art (VoCA) is a non-profit organization that generates critical dialogue and interdisciplinary programming to address the production, presentation, and preservation of contemporary art. Though based in New York City, VoCA is a mobile organization, partnering with institutions both nationally and across the globe to develop knowledge via its major program streams: VoCA Talks, VoCA Journal, and VoCA Workshops.

Increasingly over the twentieth century, artists experimented with an unprecedented range of new materials and technologies – often with untested longevity and built-in obsolescence leading to physical instability. The conceptual concerns that underpin much of contemporary art make its conservation more than an effort to arrest physical change. The artist’s voice is primary in developing preservation strategies and their participation is essential for future conservation and presentation of their work. VoCA’s network thus comprises artists, conservators, curators, collectors, educators, and students who recognize the need for public forums on new forms of collaboration and documentation.


  • Stimulate critical discussion on the roles and working practices of all professionals involved in the production, presentation, and preservation of contemporary art
  • Advocate for the importance of artist intent as a key factor in the conservation of contemporary art
  • Encourage and support collaborative research projects to develop new knowledge
  • Facilitate the sharing of unpublished research in the conservation of contemporary art
  • Explore and develop opportunities to further the goals of VoCA through educational programs for artists, curators, conservators, students and a broader public audience



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