"Companion Species: Ferocious Mother and Canis Familiaris" by Marie Watt

VoCA Announces Support for a new Native Voices series

  Today, we share some exciting news: the Terra Foundation for American Art has awarded VoCA a $100,000 grant to support a new series of programs focusing on the work of contemporary Native American artists! VoCA’s Native Voices series will include a dedicated series of VoCA Talks, Artist Interview Workshops, an issue of VoCA Journal, and partnerships with organizations that… Read more »

30 Second Portrait: John Cage @1981-82


This week’s returning author, Marshall Reese, is an artist working in new technologies, video, installations, artists books and limited editions. He has worked in collaboration with Nora Ligorano as LigoranoReese for over two decades. This blog post is part of periodic series from Reese that focuses on “outsider archivists,” people who highlight the tensions between… Read more »

A photo of a neon sculpture

20:20 Exhibition at Murray Art Museum Albury

This week, we welcome contributing authors Michael Moran and Emily Mulvihill. Michael Moran is the Curator, Murray Art Museum Albury and has previously held roles with Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation, Sydney; Museum of Contemporary Art Australia; Sydney, Whitecube, London; and served as a Director of the artist run initiative Firstdraft, Sydney between 2005 and 2007…. Read more »