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Gloria Sutton and Sonia Almeida address a packed room at the CCVA bookstore

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Lauren Shadford, Chad Alligood, and artist Derrick Adams speak to one another in the Stony Island Arts Bank in Chicago

Contribute an article to VoCA JournalVoCA Journal is an online forum for discussing collaborative, interdisciplinary projects around the stewardship of contemporary art. If you are working on such a project and would like to share it with VoCA Journal, we invite you to submit an abstract.



Bring a VoCA Workshop to your community. Our Artist Interview Workshops provide conservators, curators, educators, and other arts professionals at all stages of their careers with a greater understanding of the methods and skills needed to conduct successful artist interviews. To discuss the possibility of partnering with VoCA to host a Workshop, please contact VoCA’s Executive Director, Lauren Shadford.



Recommend a VoCA Talk. VoCA Talks are public programs featuring artists and their collaborators in conversation about the challenges and rewards inherent in making, showing, and preserving contemporary art. If you would like to propose a VoCA Talk or a series of VoCA Talks with artists with whom you or your organization collaborate, please fill out this form.

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CALL/VOCA Talk: Mario Martinez

Pitch a post to the VoCA Blog. The VoCA Blog focuses on engaging a wide variety of writers in dialogue about contemporary art and its stewardship, with topics including coverage of recent events, individual research projects, and relevant work being done by other cultural organizations. If you’d like to join our roster of contributing authors, please pitch your idea via the link below.



Host a VoCA Salon. Throughout the year, we craft Salons that bring together VoCA supporters, colleagues, collaborators, and artists across the country to give participants a unique view of contemporary art. If you would like to host a Salon, please reach out to VoCA Executive Director Lauren Shadford for more information.



Apply for an internship. VoCA is pleased to offer an internship program for undergraduate and graduate students at NYU. If you are an NYU student and would like to work with us next semester, please fill out the application form below.



VoCA Colleagues stand together and smile in front of a dark blue backdrop

VoCA is a small non-profit and we could often use an extra set of hands. If you are interested in learning more about what we do and how you can pitch in, please reach out to Program & Communications Manager Margaret Graham. We would love to have you as part of the VoCA Network!