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An Interview with a “Powerful Mujer”

A photograph of two women seated in front of an audience

This week’s contributing writer, Dr. Ruth del Fresno-Guillem, is a contemporary art conservator in private practice who primarily works for private collections with emerging artists.   There is nothing like the uncertainty and the rush of excitement one feels when facing a project like interviewing an artist. From my experience, facing a new interview is… Read more »

Just Divided

A photograph of a framed image of just-divided HeLa cells.

This week’s contributing blogger, Samyukta Mallick, is a senior at Northeastern University pursuing a BS in Biochemistry with a minor in Music.  VoCA is pleased to present this blog post in conjunction with Associate Professor of Contemporary Art History, Gloria Sutton’s Spring 2020 Honors Seminar, The Art of Visual Intelligence at Northeastern University. This interdisciplinary… Read more »

Rhizome’s Net Art Anthology

VoCA Voices in Contemporary Art NYU Rhizome

This week’s contributing blogger, Melanie Bühler, is an independent curator working at the intersection of digital culture and contemporary art. She is responsible for the discussion series Lunch Bytes and the exhibition and research project Inflected Objects. A Fulbright recipient, she is presently pursuing an MA degree at NYU’s Institute of Fine Arts. “As a net… Read more »