Photo of students encircles Pedro Soares Neves as they all read class material in an enclosed porch setting.

A photograph of a class of nine students seated in folding chairs, forming a half circle, underneath an enclosed porch with openings to the outdoors surrounding them on two sides. Each student holds a notebook and looks down at their reading materials. The patio is grey concrete with a grid pattern on the ceiling and some graffiti drawn on the sides of the columns. In the background of the right hand side there is a mural painted on an adjacent building. The mural is of black and white scales with a partial view of a man’s face. The man in the mural is wearing a red shirt and holding up his thumb to his cheek, with one eyebrow raised. Beneath the mural there are two sets of windows and a grass area. The leader of the class, Pedro Soares Neves, sits at the far left of the photo, closer to the lens than the rest of the participants. He is wearing a yellow button down shirt and reading his material in his lap alongside the rest of the students.

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