A group of women surround Maria Chatzidakis interviewing Heitor Correa in front of his mural of two peacocks.

A photograph of six women standing in a circle looking at one woman and one man speaking together in the center of the group. They are all standing in front of a mural which consists of two blue peacock heads atop a green leafy background. The peacocks’ heads are double the height of the group beneath them and are looking directly at the camera with their purple and brown eyes. The woman and man at the focal point of the photograph are Maria Chatzidakis and artist Heitor Correa, the creator of the mural. Maria is holding up notes and her mouth is slightly open as if speaking to Heitor. Heitor is looking back at her with one hand lifted, as if describing something to Maria. Maria is wearing a black blouse and has black hair with one grey streak, highlighted by her white-rimmed sunglasses that push her hair back. Heitor is wearing a black sweater with a brown backpack on his shoulders, and has dark short hair and a beard. The beginnings of a tattoo are peaking out on his left forearm.

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