Falling Bough, by Walton Ford

A painting of hundreds of birds swarming around a tree branch and lifting it up above a landscape towards the sky.

A painting by Walton Ford illustrating a swarm of birds lifting a tree branch off the ground. The piece is a horizontal rectangle made using watercolor, gouache, ink and pencil on paper. On the upper left hand side of the image, there is an end of a tree branch that is splintered and cut off. Surrounding the branch that stretches to the bottom right of the image are hundreds of red, white, and blue birds. At the bottom of the image, there are rolling hills with trees, and a winding river under the skyline. The birds appear to be carrying the branch above the treetops and into the sky above. The birds are concentrated around the branch so tightly together that you can only see the end of it. The birds then disperse more towards the top of the piece, pointing upwards into the sky.

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