Panel discussion at the Brooklyn Rail

A panel of five is seated at a table underneath a screen projecting an image of birds, listening to artist Mira Friedlaender speak.

A photograph of a five-person panel sitting at the front of a room underneath a projector screen. At the far left of the panel, artist Mira Friedlaender holds a microphone up to her mouth and points across the room with her left hand, looking in the same direction. Mira wears a navy button down top and has a blend of dark and light grey short hair. Seated next to her is a moderator, Jennifer Gross, who is looking at Mira as she speaks. Jennifer has shoulder length dark hair and is wearing all black with her hands placed together on her lap. Next to Jennifer is the other moderator, Phong Bui, who faces Mira and holds up a phone to record her with his right hand and holds his chin with his left. Phong wears a khaki colored button down shirt and black rimmed glasses. There is a potted plant on the table directly in front of Phong. Next to Phong is Walton Ford, who faces Mira with his mouth slightly open. He wears all black and has a grey goatee and mustache. Both Phong and Walton are bald. The last panel member on the far right of the photo is Sara Cwynar who is fully facing Mira as well. She is wearing a blue denim button down and red pants, and has long dark blonde hair. There are clear cups of water in front of each panelist. Above them is a screen with an image of a flock of birds being projected onto it. There is another table perpendicular to the one at which the panel is seated. On the right side of the photo, there are three seated people facing the panel so that all you can see is the back of their heads.

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