Shervone Neckles-Ortiz and Lauren Shadford

Shervone Neckles-Ortiz and Lauren Shadford, CALL/VoCA Talks

A photograph of two women standing together in front of an art installation, both smiling and looking at the camera. The woman on the left is Shervone Neckles Ortiz, a medium-dark skinned woman who is wearing an olive green sweater with cutouts on her shoulders, black pants, and a gold geometric necklace and earrings. She has short curly brown hair, and is wearing pink lipstick. On the right is Lauren Shadford, a light-skinned woman wearing a black sweater with three bright green stripes in the center, and dark green pants. Lauren is wearing peach lipstick, and has a short dark blonde bob. Shervone and Lauren are standing in front of a peach painted wall that boasts a variety of hanging gold envelopes which are part of an installation titled Rejection Reject Re… by Arlene Rush.

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