Donceles Phoenix

A room filled with bookshelves and bookcases leading to a second room displaying a chalkboard displaying “Bienvenido! Gracias Pheonix! Libreria Donceles”.

A photograph of multiple rooms filled with books at the ACU Art Museum, Phoenix. In the foreground are bookcases on the left and right that split in the center to form an entryway to a back room. In the center of the image there is a wooden case with two glass doors and a black bench placed in front of it. Both the case and the bench have stacks of books on top of them and inside. On the top right of the wooden case is a white bust statue. The front portion of the photograph is overexposed by bright overhead lighting. In the back is the second room with a large chalkboard hung in the center and various oriental rugs spread on the floor. Written on the chalkboard in colorful chalk is “Bienvenido! Gracias Pheonix! Libreria Donceles”. Beneath the chalkboard is a wooden shelf displaying select books that are lit from above.

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