Donceles Indianapolis

A woman stands in a library holding up a copy of a book with a yellow “Ex Libris” stamp on the inside page

A photograph of a light-skinned woman with short brown bobbed hair holding up an open book, looking at the camera and smiling. She wears black rimmed glasses and a red top with a white cardigan and a navy skirt with a geometric texture pattern. The book she is holding is white with a yellow rectangle on the right side with Ex Libris printed on top, and underneath is printed Libreria Donceles, the library the book belongs to. On the top left hand corner of the book are nine lines of a handwritten note that appears to be in Spanish. To the right of the woman is a shelf filled with books divided in sections labeled “Educacion” and “Derecho”. Behind her to the left is a table with books laid out on it and chairs pushed in. On the wall behind her are two framed prints and a window to the top left of the photo covered by a red shade.

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