A photo of 5 people sitting on a stage in an auditorium at SFMOMA

A photo taken from a left angle of a stage in a dim auditorium on which 5 people are sitting on chairs in a broken semicircle in front of a projector screen. In the bottom right corner of the photo there are two rows of grey audience chairs and nine people seated in them looking at the presenters. On the left side of the photo there is a podium with “ SF MO MA” printed on it in white. One woman sits apart from the group to the left of the projector screen and looks out at the audience with her hands lifted, potentially as a sign language interpreter. She is wearing all black and has long brown hair and light skin. At center stage, Janey Delaney, John Divola, Richard Misrach, and SFMOMA’s Erin O’Toole are sitting around a white square coffee table. The woman on the far right is holding a microphone up to her mouth which is slightly open as if she is speaking. The other three panelists have their legs crossed and are looking at her. On the screen above the panelists there are two images of an empty pool and text underneath them which states “Richard Misrac, Diving Board, Salton Sea 1983”.

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