Imagined Futures 2 by NLR (Medium)

A photograph of Alfredo Salazar-Caro, Tina Rivers Ryan, and Jill Sterrett sitting at a table in front of an audience at NYU's "It's About Time!" Symposium

A photograph of three people sitting at a table with microphones positioned in front of them in front of a black wall. The man on the left has dark long hair, is wearing a black jacket over a black and white polka dot shirt, and is looking outwards. A water bottle is positioned on the table in front of him. To the right of him is a light-skinned woman with long blonde hair. She is wearing all white and is looking outwards and to the left. A laptop is positioned on the table in front of her and both her hands appear to be on the keyboard. On the right is a light-skinned woman with blue glasses wearing a grey jacket and pink and orange shirt. She is writing with her right hand on a pad of paper resting on the table. She looks down at what she is writing. The backs of heads of audience members are visible in the foreground.

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