session 4 round table 1 by NLR (Medium)

A group of five people speak to a seated audience at the It's About Time! NYU Symposium

A photograph of four people sitting and one person standing in front of a black wall. A light skinned man with long dark hair sits on the far left of a table, next to him is a woman with short dark hair and glasses, to the right of her is a light-skinned woman with dark hair, and on the rightmost side of the table is a light-skinned woman with light colored hair. Microphones are positioned in front of each of the seated people. To the right of the table is a podium with a purple sign on the front with “NYU COURANT” in white text. A woman with grey hair stands behind it with her body turned towards the seated group. Behind the table is a projection screen displaying a white with very faint text. The backs of seated audience members are visible in the foreground.

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