VoCA, It's About Time! A photograph of four people seated at a table with microphones in front of them

A photograph of four people sitting at a table with table-top microphones positioned in front of them. A light-skinned man with glasses is sitting on the far left wearing a black t-shirt and jeans. He looks down at a silver laptop in front of him. To the right of him is a light-skinned woman with glasses wearing black. Her arms are crossed in front of her and she looks towards the man. Next is a light-skinned woman wearing black. She is also looking towards the man on the far left. On the right is a light-skinned man wearing a blue top and blue pants. He is flipping through papers that are on the table in front of him. On the far right is a wood podium with a purple sign that has, “NYU | COUR..” printed in white. Above the seated people is a white projected screen hanging in front of a black wall.

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