Image 1

A photograph of a woman delivering a presentation to a seated audience

A photograph shows a light skinned woman with grey hair wearing a light blue shirt standing behind a wood podium in the front of a room with two walls visible. She looks upwards to the right towards the front wall at something out of the photograph. Her proper left hand is open and raised slightly. Directly behind the woman are two mirrored doors inset into the front wall. The wall is cream colored with gold decorative columns and molding. The wall at the left of the room is also cream with gold accents and a blue, grey, white, and red tapestry is hanging on it. A black garbage can is sitting on the floor along the left wall, below and to the left of the tapestry. The woman faces an audience of people sitting in brown chairs with armrests that are oriented in straight rows. Three of the rows are partially captured in the photograph. Adults are sitting in the chairs and facing the front of the room, but not all of the chairs are occupied.

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