Porto Master Class, Will Shank, VoCA, conservators

A photograph of a group of approximately ten women standing in a semicircle. All of the women face away from the camera, looking toward a woman and a mural painted on the wall behind her. The woman at the focal point is artist Mariana PTKS, and another woman stands next to her, looking closer at the mural itself. Mariana wears a backpack, a blue and purple tie-dye shirt, and jeans. She is holding her hands up together with her mouth open, speaking to the group of conservators. The mural directly behind her is pasted at the center of a light blue wall and ends approximately a foot above her head. Her mural consists of a horizontal diamond, cut in half to make two congruent triangles. Each triangle is filled with a mix of black, blue, yellow, and pink colors floating in space with small stars scattered throughout. The ground that all of the women are standing on is grey cement divided into small squares. At the point where the ground meets the blue wall, it is rough and has some damage.

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