On Guard, a performance by Mira Friedlaender

Mira Friedlaender stands in a black tuxedo, to the right of a myriad of unopened brown packages.

A photograph of a live performance titled On Guard featuring Mira Friedlaender standing at the center of a dark grey room. Mira is lit from a spotlight that shines towards a stack of brown leather suitcases and art packages placed behind her. Mira stands with her feet apart and her arms at her sides, and is wearing a black tuxedo and has short dark brown hair. There are a variety of light brown objects clustered together behind her against the wall and next to her in the center of the photo. The objects vary in height, one being as tall as Mira leaning against the wall, and others being small bags and boxes. Directly next to Mira is a brown cardboard filing box with a blue cloth leaning next to it. On the back wall, there is a shadow cast by an unknown object. Both the wall and the floor are painted the same dark grey color.

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