Donceles at henry art gallery

A man sits in a bookstore where the shelves are covered floor to ceiling with books, reading an oversize book.

A photograph of a man and a woman, each looking at open books in a room filled with books. The room is in the Henry Art Gallery Seattle, and is painted dark red and has ambient lighting. On the right side, a man who appears to be of Asian descent is sitting in a white armchair with a red floral pattern printed on it looking down at a large book that is open on his lap. He wears all black except for his striped socks that show out of his pant leg. On the left side of the photo, half covered by a bookshelf is a light-skinned woman standing in profile. She has shoulder length dark hair that is half up in a clip. She wears a long grey cardigan and looks down at a book that she holds open in her hands. To her left there is a red lampshade that is lit by the lightbulb inside it atop a stack of books. On the far right of the photo there is a small blue framed mirror hanging on the wall and the partial view of a small wooden table on a patterned brown and white rug.

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