SFMOMA_PhotoSymposium_IMG1 copy

A photo of Robin Clark giving a presentation on the SFMOMA Artist Initiative

A photograph, taken from the audience’s perspective, of a stage in a dark auditorium where Robin Clark is standing at a podium presenting with a projected screen to the right. In the foreground are approximately 6 rows of grey seats with nine people seated in scattered rows facing the stage. The wall behind the stage is black, and there are two people on the stage together, lit by a spotlight. On the left hand side there is a dark grey podium that has “SF MO MA” printed on it in white, and to the far left there is a black handrail supposedly leading stairs down from the stage. Standing at the podium is Robin Clark, Director of the Artist initiative. She is a light-skinned woman with brown shoulder length hair and is speaking into the microphone on the podium. To the right of the stage, another woman sits under the projector screen next to the podium. Her legs are crossed and she has both of her hands raised, potentially translating what Robin is saying in sign language. On the projector screen is white text at the top saying “Artist Initiative with Julia Scher Team” and a photograph on a black background beneath it. The photograph on the screen is of ten men and women.

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