A photograph of a white walled gallery with large black and pink geometric sculptures

A photograph showing a long rectangular room with white walls and a black ceiling with exposed ducting, tracks, and lighting. The floor is brown and slightly glossy. In the foreground on the left is a black triangular sculpture with a vertical strip of bright light on it. Behind this is a thin triangular sculpture against the left wall that looks to be made of black mesh or screen. Directly behind this a rectangular sculpture with a bright white vertical light on the right side. And at the back wall is a four paneled divider screen that appears to be made of mirrors. On the right wall is a square sculpture made of the same mesh or screen, divided diagonally into two triangular shapes, the bottom black and the top pink. Behind that is another triangular black sculpture with a round white light towards the top. And behind that, is a thin triangular mesh/screen sculpture against the right wall seemingly identical to the one on the left wall.

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