RT2 by LC 1 (Small)

A photograph of Andreas Weisser, Reinhard Bek, Ben Fino-Radin, Agathe Jarczyk, and Christine Frohnert sitting at a table with microphones and Paul Messier standing behind a podium at the NYU "It's About Time!" Symposium

A photograph of five people sitting at a table with table-top microphones positioned in front of them in front of black wall with a large projection screen. A light-skinned man with glasses is sitting on the far left wearing a light blue shirt and grey pants. His left arm is resting on the table and he looks towards the right. To the right of him, is a light-skinned man wearing a grey shirt and looking outwards. He holds a water bottle in front of him with both hands. Next is a light-skinned man with glasses and a mustache. He is wearing a black suit with a white shirt and is smiling. He looks towards the man on the far left. Next to him is a light-skinned woman with brown hair wearing a white and blalck patterned blouse. She is looking down towards the table. On the right is a light-skinned woman wearing a black suit with a white shirt. She is looking outwards. On the far right is a wood podium with a purple sign with “NYU | COURANT” printed in white. A light-skinned man wearing a black suit jacket and white shirt is standing behind the podium looking down.

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