Joanna Phillips, blog post image 1 (800×502)

A photograph of a woman presenting with a slide-show to seated audience

A photograph shows a light skinned woman with dark brown hair wearing a dark shirt standing behind a podium with “THE MET” printed on the front. She is positioned in the front right corner of a dark room with two wood-paneled walls visible and a spotlight illuminating her. A projection screen is inset in the front wall with a presentation slide-show projected onto it. The slide has text at the top that reads “1. Implementing the Workplace” on the left and “GUGGENHEIM” on the right. Below the text is a photograph of a white room with a person sitting at a desk with their back to the viewer. There are several monitors mounted on the wall in front of the person and a few monitors on the desk. Other technical equipment and electronics are in a black cabinet to the left of the person as well as mounted on the walls. The projection screen and the woman presenting face an audience of people sitting in chairs that are oriented in straight rows. Eight of the rows are partially captured in the photograph.

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