A graphic of purple code and four purple circles outlined in black

A graphic on a white background. On the left are lines of code in bright purple that read, “size (400,400) ; background (255) ; fill (150,0, 150) ; int x = 200; int y = 200; int w = 100; int h = 100; for (int i=1; i<6; i++) { x = x+40; y = y-40; w = w-20; h = h-20; ellipse (x,yy,w,h) ; }.” To the right of the code are four bright purple circles with black outlines. The circles are in a straight line and extend upwards on a diagonal, with each circle smaller than the one before. The largest circle is at the bottom with the next circle overlapping slightly on the top right. The third circle is spaced slightly away from the previous circle. The last, smallest circle is spaced farther away from the previous.

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